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Fikk mail fra Donald J. Trump

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En gang iblant så leser jeg spam mail bare for moro. Fant denne godbiten i dag:




I am PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and I am writing to inform you about your Bank 
Draft brought back by the United Embassy from the government of Benin Republic 
in the white house Washington DC been mandated to be deliver to your home 
address once you reconfirm it with the one we have here with us to avoid wrong 
delivery of your check draft Fifty million united states dollars $50,000,000,00
usd that was assigned to be delivered to your home address by Honorable 
president Donald Trump the president of this great country this week by a 
delivery agent MR ROCHAS JESUS Also reconfirm your details for the check 
delivery by filling the form below and send it immediately  
and for prompt collection of your fund.
1. Full Names :

2. Residential Address :
3. Mobile Number:
4. Fax Number :
6. Sex :
7. Age :
8. Nationality :
9. Country :
10. Marital Status :

  Accept my hearty congratulation again!

Yours faithfully,
President USA
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, United State



Det er altså mail fra selveste big man himself hvor han vil levere meg nærmere en halv milliard NOK i form av en sjekk. Må bare gi informasjonen min ofc. Så kommer Mr. Rochas Jesus å leverer den. Her tror jeg nesten at jeg må bare slå til. TENK OM A! Det verste er jo at noen må gå på dette siden andre gidder å bruke tiden sin til å lage disse.....

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At det er noen som gidder å lage slike, tyder jo på at det er lønnsomt nok. ;)

Folk er lettlurte når det gjelder slike summer tydeligvis. Er en av de eldre og mer brukte formatene på nettet det der.

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