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Anbefalte innlegg

Nå som Gran Turismo 5 endelig har fått en lanseringsdato så tenkte jeg vi kunne lage en tråd som forteller hva vi faktisk får i GT5.

Informasjonen er hentet fra den amerikanske gran-turismo siden. Kilde



A Massive Collection of Over 1000 Cars



Gran Turismo 5 will feature over 1000 cars, the most ever in the series. It’s a collection of the hottest and most desirable cars from around the world, both past and present.


There are two tiers of cars in Gran Turismo 5--Premium cars and Standard cars. The differences between the two are as follows:




From the seductive curves of exotic sports cars, to the inviting sight of the road ahead when you slide into the driver’s seat and peer past the glass, down to the intricately detailed instrument panel and dashboard... Every one of the over 200 premium cars recreate every last detail of the car, inside and out.


Gran Turismo 5 contains over 200 of these "Premium" level cars.




The massive lineup of cars from past Gran Turismo games has been beautifully recreated through the latest technology and the Playstation 3’s cutting-edge graphics.


Gran Turismo 5 feature an astounding 800+ cars, a vast collection covering a wide range of eras and categories.




The quality of the premium level cars is of course the intricate modeling of every tiny detail of not only the exterior, but the interior as well. No other game offers this level of ultra-high detail.


This level of detail extends from street cars to custom racing machines, where the unique instrument panels, colors and textures of the seats and interior materials, and more, have been painstakingly recreated.


In Gran Turismo 5, cars have fully-functioning headlights. Premium cars even feature both low and high beams for a variety of racing conditions.

Premium cars: Headlights with high beams and low beams

Standard cars: Standard lights only


NASCAR: America’s Most Popular Motorsport


For the first time in the series, Gran Turismo 5 will feature NASCAR. Drive real licensed NASCAR cars and see well-known NASCAR drivers including Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Joey Logano, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the game.


One of NASCAR’s unique points of interest is the incredible skill and speed of the elite pit crews of each of the teams. Cars are lifted up, tires are changed with lightning-fast precision, and tanks are refueled in mere seconds. And all of this is faithfully recreated in Gran Turismo 5.




The car is jacked up one side at a time in the pit, and tire changes and refueling are performed at lightning speed.




The cockpits of the stock cars are also reproduced in full detail. In the photo is Tony Stewart’s Office Depot/Old Spice Chevrolet Impala.


20 Locations, Over 70 Variations:

Beautiful Tracks Recreated in True-to-Life Detail




Gran Turismo 5 features 20 racing locations with over 70 track variations, all beautifully recreated with more accuracy and precision than ever.


For example, the north loop of the Nurburgring, which attracted much attention when it was first introduced in Gran Turismo 4, is now recreated more precisely and with more detail than ever before. On top of the minor ups and downs of the track elevations, course-side structures and graffiti on the track surface, which give Nurburgring its unique character, have all been recreated with near-perfect accuracy.


Of course other tracks in the game have also been built to the highest quality ever seen in the series. The following are descriptions on some of the new tracks to be featured in Gran Turismo 5.





Total length: 3400.0m

Longest straight: 820.0m

Range of elevation difference: 17.7m

Number of turns: 15





Total length: 3473.0m

Longest straight: 650.0

Range of elevation difference: 17.9m

Number of turns: 7





Total length: 3410.7m

Longest straight: 420

Range of elevation difference: 37.3m

Number of turns: 11




The Original Airfield Runway Track from the BBC TV Series TopGear


This is the 2.8km short track used in various parts of the UK’s Top Gear TV series. Set at the airfield of Dunsfold Park in Surrey, England, it has a characteristic figure 8 layout. Stay tuned to find out what sorts of wild events are planned in the game for this location.


Simulating Reality:

Visual Effects Through Cutting-Edge Technology




Gran Turismo 5 sets out to create a variety of new technological standards challenges, and one of the most impressive advances are in the visual effects department.


For example, Gran Turismo 5 now realistically recreates the passage of time.


What starts as a clear afternoon with the sun high in the sky, turns to a red sky as dusk approaches and the sun gets closer to the horizon, and eventually turns to the enveloping darkness of night. This passage of time within a single location changes the mood and dynamics of the race.


Dust Kicked Up By The Car Is Illuminated By The Tail Lights




Note the details seen in these night scenes. Not only does the scenery light up realistically with the light from the headlights, the dust clouds that follow the cars light up with head and taillights. These kinds of every day sights are what bring Gran Turismo 5 that much closer to reality.


Making "Real" Tire Smoke




Advances in the physics and graphic rendering engines extend to special effects like smoke.


Gran Turismo 5 also brings an evolution in tire smoke simulation. By re-evaluating tire structures at the simulation level, Gran Turismo 5’s advanced physics engine calculates and simulates the surface temperature of the tires. This is applied to the basic principle of how tires generate smoke, and allows for the production of accurate and realistic tire smoke in the game.


The Constant Risk of Crashing Adds To The Tension:

Three Levels of Vehicle Damage






Gran Turismo takes another step closer to reality.


Gran Turismo 5 will feature realistic vehicle damage that lives up to its driving simulator name.


Not only do the looks of the car change when damaged, an advanced physics simulation helps faithfully recreate how damage is taken and its resulting effect. By doing so, Gran Turismo 5 successfully recreates real-life added tension and challenge that comes from driving on the edge. (*).


Damage in Gran Turismo 5 shows up in three different levels, with specific differences in damage between Premium cars and Standard cars.

Performance Damage

Performance damage affects how the car performs based on calculating the physical effects of collisions and damage on various parameters. It affects vehicle stability and control, depending on the amount of damage taken. This level of damage affects both premium and standard cars.


Dirt, Scratches, and Dents

This is damage that can be visually seen, and involves the vehicle collecting dirt, scratches and dents. This level of damage affects both premium and standard cars.


Dislodging and Deformation of Body Panels

This third level of damage causes body panels to come loose or to deform from their original shapes. This level of damage affects premium cars only.


Premium cars Standard cars

Performance Damage ● ●

Dirt, Scratches, and Dents ● ●

Dislodging/Deformation of Body Panels ● -


Car Rollovers




In a real race a car may roll over under unexpected events such as during a violent crash, when bumps on the road are hit at very high speeds, or if a car’s orientation is not right during a jump. Just as in real races, in Gran Turismo 5 cars can roll over as well, adding a new level of excitement to the game.



Photo Travel Mode and Free Camera Movement Allow For a Deep and Rich Car Enthusiast Experience




Positioning your favorite car in a beautiful location for a perfect picture... First introduced in Gran Turismo 4 as a new outlet for the player's passion and enthusiasm for the beauty of cars, Photo Mode makes another leap forward in Gran Turismo 5.


Photo Travel mode lets you travel the world to visit beautiful locations and take pictures of your favorite cars.


Photo Travel is an update to the previous Photo Mode, with a brand new user interface and new vistas to experience and enjoy. In addition, players can now move around freely within the scene, giving them much more freedom to experiment and set up the perfect shot.


Driving, Gathering, and Interacting:

The World of Gran Turismo Expands to Further Reaches Online




Gran Turismo 5 will take full advantage and push the boundaries of online gaming.


A multitude of features will be implemented into the online portion of Gran Turismo 5. Here are just some of the features recently revealed.



Races and Track Days

First and foremost is the Race. In addition to the random matchmaking race events, as seen in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, players can now gather their closest friends and acquaintances, specify their own race rules, and custom tailor their racing experience to their own personal tastes.


And of course racing isn’t the only thing players can do in these custom race lobbies. People can drive freely on the track and have fun, just like a day at the track. Players can try to shave their lap times down, teach each other how to drive, drift, or master advanced techniques, or just enjoy drifting together. The possibilities for these private lobbies are endless.



Spectator Mode

If you're not quite up to racing on one particular day, or if you just want to watch how a really skilled player race live, the Spectator mode is the perfect solution. You can watch other users driving live in real-time, as they race, adding a new community-focused dimension to Gran Turismo 5’s expanding online feature set.




Gran Turismo 5 supports the Friend feature of Playstation Network. Once you add someone to our Friend list, you can share profile information, communicate with each other, and race with and against each other, allowing you to build and expand your circle of racing friends online.




Gran Turismo 5’s online features don't stop at just playing and racing online. Players can chat amongst friends before they drive, exchange opinions via in-game message boards, and send private messages to one another. This is social networking tailored for the world of Gran Turismo.


Excitement Only Possible With 3D:

A Richer World of "Gran Turismo" Awaits Through Two Very New Features




Two new cutting-edge features set Gran Turismo 5 apart from the competition: full 3D stereoscopic gaming support, and face tracking support. Using 3D stereoscopic television like the Sony 3D BRAVIA series with 3D glasses, users can experience an even deeper immersion into the Gran Turismo's racing simulation like never before.


The other major feature is a unique face tracking function using the USB PlayStation®Eye camera attached to the PlayStation®3. By utilizing facial recognition through the PLAYSTATION®Eye, players can move their face to the left and right to move the in-game field of vision while driving in a race.


3D and face tracking are both attractive features by themselves, but combined together, they make the world of Gran Turismo 5 an even richer place. By moving your face parallel to the screen, you can change your point of view (field of view), adding to the immersive feeling that you are driving inside the car.





Det er altså mye å glede seg til i GT5, så november kan ikke komme fort nok. (2. november er US launch dato) Kommer den mange dager senere til europa så er det bare å bestille den fra usa. Alle ps3 spill er sonefrie.


Denne skal jeg ha!!!


Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition




Today Sony Computer Entertainment America announced the Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition, releasing on November 2 alongside the stand-alone version. The Collector’s Edition features a must-have collection of exclusive items hand-picked for Gran Turismo fans. Quantities will be limited, so serious Gran Turismo fans should pre-order their copy at their local retailer now.


Retailing for $99.99 SRP, the Collector's Edition includes a 1:43 scale collectible diecast car, a 300-page guide to cars and racing techniques, a GT-branded key chain, a voucher for five (5) DLC cars, and a numbered certificate of authenticity, all housed in stylish, premium packaging.


Collector's Edition Content Details:


Gran Turismo® 5 game


Exclusive limited edition 1:43 scale diecast 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V with custom Gran Turismo livery designed by Polyphony Digital, produced by well-known collectible car maker Kyosho


In-depth 300-page car-lover’s guide written by the experts at Polyphony Digital, covering everything from the history of the modern automobile to driving techniques and game reference material


Custom etched Gran Turismo key chain


Voucher for five (5) exclusive high-end cars with custom Gran Turismo livery and performance upgrades


Numbered certificate of authenticity


Custom collector’s packaging

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Gjest Slettet+212343

Hva vet vi om cockpit view på standard bilene? Blir helt forvirret av å lese om det rundt omkring. noen sier at standardbilene har cockpitview, men ikke modellert interiør utover det, mens andre sier at standardbilene ikke har cockpit view en gang. Hvis det siste stemmer, i tillegg til det jeg leste om at GT fremdeles har middelmådig lyd, så står spillet i fare for å bli strøket fra min "to get" liste...

Lenke til kommentar

Er selvfølgelig skuffende om det er slik at de 800 standard bilene ikke har cockpitview, men når man ser på hva man ellers får i spillet så driter jeg langveis i det. PD har tross alt gått all the way med de 200+ premium modellene slik at de vil du finne i GT6-7-8 uten at de trenger å gjøre noe med selve modellen. Future proof altså.


Og tilbake til deg jeg mente om hva man ellers får i spillet.


en neogaf bruker laget en liste som tar med både det som er bekreftet og semibekreftet.


Night/Day transition

Stunt Arenas

32 player online lobbies

16 player online races

Spectator mode


200 PS4 cars and 800 standard cars

Nascar license

WRC license

Super GT license

Rolling and damage (eerily real weight)

1st person walkabout photo mode

YouTube uploading


PS Eye headtracking

Motion controls

HDMI 1.4 Stereoscopic 3D @ 60fps


Track (not map) Editor (think Forge where you decorate existing ones)

Best graphics in any driving game (lighting, physics driven smoke, attention to detail..etc)

Real life tracks recreated in maddening quality (up to 2 year dev times)

20+ locations with 70+ variations

PSP Connectivity

Go karts to Rally to classics to sport to Drag car, ordinary cars...etc etc etc

Animated drivers, handling and gear shifts, pit crews, tire changes etc

Custom soundtrack

Text and Voice chat

Narrative involvement by popular drivers and Top Gear crew

Top Gear Test Track

Open free-form Track Days

GT Life (career mode, this time with earth map and real time clock) & Arcade mode

Profile pages

In-game (bulletin-board) message boards

Gran Turismo Video store (Top Gear Show has 350+ million viewers)


Er ikke dette spillet verdt pengene er ingen spill det. Helt klart en utrolig pakke for GT og bil elskere verden over, og det kommer nok til å vises på salgstallene. Over 8 millioner i løpet av levetiden er en done deal.

Lenke til kommentar

Day one for me dette her

Jeg vil bruke mest mulig cockpitview egentlig fordi jeg har ratt og slikt så vil ha komplett innlevelse :). En bilsimulator skal ha både rå grafikk og gameplay


Ohh shit den lista var lang over ting som er i spillet :D

Skal nok ha Limited Edition av dette ja!!! :D

Endret av Toman85
Lenke til kommentar
Gjest Slettet+212343

Fremdeles skeptisk..If you polish a turd, it's still a turd...


For meg er det viktigste: Fysikk (må heves mange hakk fra GT4), lyd(Akillesen til de tidligere GT, og fremdeles et svakt punkt i følge noen) og et spennende utvalg biler og baner. Grafikk og fotomode osv bryr jeg meg ikke med. Jeg kjører med ratt, og det vil føles som et steg tilbake å bruke bumper cam, uansett hvor fine kjerrene er utenpå. Jeg sitter uansett ikke og ser på bilene fra alle mulige vinkler, jeg "sitter i førersetet" og kjører 98% av tiden, så for meg er cockpit view avgjørende.

Lenke til kommentar
Gjest Slettet+212343

Hmnja, kildekritikk er en fin ting:) Sier ikke at det er fake, men virker ikke helt overbevisende. Jeg sitter på gjerdet til det kommer en video eller offisiell screenshot.

MEN, hvis det er sant da, så setter jeg "check" på cockpitview på skepsislista mi :p

Da gjenstår lyden som det store aberet for meg..

Lenke til kommentar

åssen blir skademodulen i GT5? etter hva jeg har sett av klipp på nettet så er jeg ikke sånn veldig imponert... Men så er det en god stund siden jeg så det så kan jo hende det har blitt bedre:)


Uansett! spillet er et must og skal kjøpes på lansering. For en grafikk dette spillet har! det med at spillet har dag og natt simulering er konge! Og det er noe av det jeg er mest imponert over av det grafiske utenom bilene da.

Vil spillet ha forskjellige vær typer? som regn og snø?


Som caacrinolaas påpeker så håper jeg lyden har fått en kraftig forbedring siden forgjenngeren. Hvis man kjører en kraftig Ford Mustang skal man ikke bare høre lyden, men også kjenne den:P ( iallefall hvis man har innvistert i 2 suber til 13000!)


btw: flere som gleder seg til å ta seg en "søndagstur" på slettene i Tuscany? :D

Lenke til kommentar

Dette spillet blir viktig del av bilsimulatorverden mener jeg, alt de har med i spillet er grensesprengende imotsetning til andre bilsimulatorer :D


Nytter ikke å ha gode kjøreegenskaper i bilene når grafikken ikke klarer å matche det, her i Gran Turismo 5 får vi servert begge delene i bøtter og spann pluss en haug med andre moduser :D


Pr idag så er det dette spillet jeg gleder meg til av de jeg skal ha!!!

Lenke til kommentar
Gjest Slettet+212343



Nytter ikke å ha gode kjøreegenskaper i bilene når grafikken ikke klarer å matche det, her i Gran Turismo 5 får vi servert begge delene i bøtter og spann pluss en haug med andre moduser :D



I beg to differ. Grafikk er uviktig for simulasjon. For å simulere må fysikk og kjøreegenskaper være naturtro. Et bilspill uten naturtro fysikk er arcade racer i mine øyne. se på Rfactor eller GTR/L f.eks; ser utdatert ut, men gruser fremdeles alt av konsoll racere og jeg har mine tvil om at GT kommer til å endre på det.

Lenke til kommentar

Prøvde en demo av Prolouge får noen år siden, og var ikke veldig impornert - synes bilkjøringen var gørr kjedlig. Men nå som jeg har lest litt, og som det står i denne tråden, det at spillet har 1000 biler og en sinnsyk graffikk gjør spillet verdt å kjøpe i seg selv, får håpen gleden blir større en den demoen jeg prøvde :)



Eneste jeg stusser litt på er skademodellen som skal være realistisk? sett mange videoer av biler som kjører i en vegg i 100-200 km/h, får såvidt noen skrammer.. vet ikke om jeg kan kalle det realistisk, virker som bilene tåler ekstremt mye


Etter så langt utviklingstid og tid som det virker utviklerne har lagt inn i dette spillet, kan det se ut som vi kan få servert det beste bilspillet noensinne

Endret av MrLG
Lenke til kommentar

Prøvde en demo av Prolouge får noen år siden, og var ikke veldig impornert - synes bilkjøringen var gørr kjedlig. Men nå som jeg har lest litt, og som det står i denne tråden, det at spillet har 1000 biler og en sinnsyk graffikk gjør spillet verdt å kjøpe i seg selv, får håpen gleden blir større en den demoen jeg prøvde :)



Eneste jeg stusser litt på er skademodellen som skal være realistisk? sett mange videoer av biler som kjører i en vegg i 100-200 km/h, får såvidt noen skrammer.. vet ikke om jeg kan kalle det realistisk, virker som bilene tåler ekstremt mye


Etter så langt utviklingstid og tid som det virker utviklerne har lagt inn i dette spillet, kan det se ut som vi kan få servert det beste bilspillet noensinne


Jeg kan ikke være mer enig i hva du skriver i første avsnitt. Jeg er av den oppfatning av at et bilspill skal være designet for å fenge like bra på konsoll som det gjør i virkeligheten. Dette er noe Forza gjør meget bra synes jeg, dessverre gjorde ikke Proulogen det for min del. Men det er nok mer virkelighetsnær enn Forza.

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