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Danielzu skrev (5 minutter siden):

Blir ikke noe av uansett. =/

Dette beveger seg mer inn i territorier som både engelske fotball og britiske politimyndigheter opererer i. Så her snakker vi et annet ballgame enn med UEFAs hullete FFP-regelverk.

Det er åpenbart et selskap som ikke egentlig eksisterer eller tilbyr tjeneste det hevdes, men som Manchester City markedsfører.


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Skal Viaplay ta fra oss den ene tingen som var bedre etter at de fikk rettighetene?

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The authorities declared Bennett’s death a suicide but a British coroner has ruled there was “no specific evidence of suicidal intent” and that “the circumstances of the months leading up to his death remain unclear”

Bennett did not leave a suicide note and he sent no emails or texts to his wide circle of friends and family. The night before he died he had a video call with his wife and children, during which he was “laughing and joking”

Despite being aware of the concerns of the coroner and the family, the Foreign Office closed the case last September, exactly a week after Liz Truss became foreign secretary

The next month Truss visited Qatar to start a “strategic dialogue” and to create “deeper co-operation on security, development, trade and investment”. 

In May the emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, met Boris Johnson to unveil a £10bn investment package in Britain


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Danielzu skrev (På 29.9.2022 den 13.08):

Nils Johan Semb melder overgang til viaplay.  =/

Skulle tro det var en spøk. Bånn i bøtta avgjørelse.

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Fresh Prince skrev (3 minutter siden):

Ingen kamper klokken 13:30 i dag, det var kjedelig.

Kveldskamp i morgen istedenfor. 

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