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GTR slippes i november

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From the Simbin Press Officer:


"GTR will be released in Scandinavia and Germany in the beginning of November.

We are also AIMING for a November release in UK and France - BUT this is not clear and totally depends on prospective distributors so release can also be further delayed. This we do not know.

As of the rest of the world goes - distributor hunt. Release we do not know yet.


There you go - no secret anymore.

We DO understand the impatience of waiting for GTR - but we also hope that YOU understand that we do everything in our power to release the game as soon as possible without restricting marketing and so on...


Marie "Mimo" Moqvist

Press Officer

Simbin Development Team"


Aaahhh. Skandinavia først. Dette blir gull! Årets råeste asfalt racing spill. :w00t:



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GTR har lanseringsdato 29. oktober i Norge. Det er bekreftet fra distributøren for et par minutter siden.

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Jeg er akkurat passe lei av å kjøre Lister og Morgan rundt Spa. :D


Kjøpt inn Logitech Momo for anledningen...nydelig ratt...

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