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Årets spill!

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The Game is a piece of arrant fuckwittery which quickly spread as an internet phenomenon and shortly after also took root IRL. It is exponentially becoming more and more unfunny thanks to 16-year-old girls, although some argue it was never funny in the first place. The game is well-known on forums and OL games alike, and has been praised and cursed for being annoying, useless and mind-bending in a way that has yet to be equaled by another textual meme. It goes by no other title, aside from simply "The Game." This may appear to give it a sense of importance, but in the same way that the Frisbee team sport is called Ultimate to its fans and players, it is in fact complete and utter shit with no real relevance or drama.


You cannot win the game, but only lose. By playing, you are automatically a loser! In fact, just by looking at this page, you've already lost the game. You can win the game, you just have to ask people to prove you've thought of the game, whereupon they fail and you win. The ultimate goal of the game is to get everyone else on Earth playing with you.


You just lost it!


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