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Crossfire does 1600x1200@60 or 1920x1200@52

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FOLLOWING UP on our ATI story here, where we wrote that ATI cannot do more than 1600x1200@60Hz, we managed to find screenshots from the official Crossfire platform. This chipset and the master card edition X850 XT PE cards scheduled for Monday the 26th launch and we managed to get some shots of the machine actually running.

It turns out that you cannot set higher refresh rate than 1600x1200 at 60Hz - we were right about that. However, you will be able to use 1920x1200 but you will be limited to 52Hz only. Bothc cases are fine for all TFT users as 60Hz on those displays by some miracle looks very good.


This still will be insuficcient for millions of people who want to own Crossfire and have a good old but big and great CRT display. I don't plan to throw away my 22-inch CRT capable of 2048x1536 anytime soon and on these displays you kind of want to play at 1600x1200. On an office 19-inch TFT I simply cannot go more than native resolution of 1280x1024 at 60Hz.


For new PC users, I believe that ATI will educate its customers to sell those super high end PCs with brand new TFT and that kind of makes sense, but the upgrade market might suffer from this limitation. Here are the pictures of the Crossfire driver on two X850 XT PR cards in action. µ





Ser dere på Linken så ser dere på bildene at dette er Sant!

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