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Agp8x skjermkort på agp4x hovedkort?

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Okay, supert. Ble plutselig veldig usikker for jeg mener jeg leste noe om at det ikke gikk an pga. forskjellig spenning eller noe. Takk for kjemperaske svar!

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Det er riktig at det er en spenningsforskjell med gamle og nye men jeg tror de gamle hadde en anen kontakt.

Nye kort passer ikke til gamle agp porter.

Hvor gamle er jeg usikker på men er nok veldig gamle.

før socket a elns.


AGP 1.0 only features a 3.3V connection, the release of AGP 2.0 saw the availability of both a 3.3V and 1.5V connector, and AGP 3.0 uses the same 1.5V, but only requires 0.8V for signaling. In order to protect cards of different voltages/formats, special keyed connectors were designed so that only the correct card could be installed on any motherboard. A universal connector was eventually released for AGP 1.0/2.0 which allowed cards of either voltage to be installed. For a schematic of the various connectors, please visit this page. Although AGP 3.0 can share in the use of a universal connection, many motherboards now only support 4x/8x cards based on the AGP 3.0 standard.
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