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Motor stopped under kjøring og vil ikke starte + egr feilkode 4m41

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Skrevet denne på engelsk forum så legger den bare ut her på engelsk da jeg ikke har tid til å oversette! Håper så mye på svar, da jeg trenger bilen så sårt i både jobb og ellers.. :(


Hi. I'm new to the Pajero, its a 2008 3.2 DID driving it for the first time yesterday. Drove about 20 miles, when the engine all of a sudden stopped. Was cruising at about 40mph it happened. Pulled up to the side of the road and immediately checked all gauges and dashsignals. All is good. Then went to check all fluid levels, which also where at its supposed to be.


First thoughts took me to the fuel filter, since it seemed like a fuel cut. Drained on the water plug and pumped diesel with the return hose coming from the high pressure pump off to see if there was circulation. Diesel seems to flow fine. After several start attempts where the engine would crank all fine but not give a slight sign of firing, I got the car brought to my garage by a rescue truck. Bleed the fuel system many times including change of filter. But it will not fire.


Called up a friend of mine who has a OBD2 diagnostics reader and checked engine codes. There was an EGR fault code stored. Deleted code and tried starting again, but to no luck. Also tried injecting starter fluid spray in the intake hose after filter. But engine would not fire still!! And I have NEVER had a diesel not willing to simply run on the starter fluid alone, so I'm scratching my head at this one...


There are no sounds or motions that would indicate the timing chain has jumped a tooth, and there is still long time untill change interval.


Thoughts I'm in need of discussing:

- Since it happened that all off a sudden with no pre-stuttering or power loss I would assume its not the fuel pump.

- Since it will not run on starter fluid i would assume starter fluid ain't reaching the combustion chamber; Clogged throttle body causing the valve to be stuck in closed position, obstructing air to the mix in combustion chamber? EGR cloogged in fully open position so that the intake air is to polluted with exhaust (BUT since it wont fire, the exhaust would be just more diesel?)

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Skru av ventildekselet og sjekk nylonbrikken på kamkjedeføreren på toppen av kjedehjulet oppe, og sjekk kjedet for slakk. Ikke helt ukjent med feil på kamkjedet på disse, selvom en 08 nok har fått fikset det meste av feil på det.

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Ville begynt med de tingene du skisserer i innlegget og rengjort de tingene for å begynne der. Videre ville jeg koblet fra batteriet i 30 minutter for nullstilling av ECU, det er noen foruminnlegg som beskriver at ECU kan krangle litt fra tid til annen som gir tilsvarende symptomer. En tredje ting kan være å kjøre en motorflush hvis bilen er tidligere småkjørt (relatert til karbon og sot i inntaksmanifold og EGR ventil) i tilfelle en ventil eller to har låst seg så du ikke får kompresjon (egen erfaring).

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