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Får ikke koblet til begge pcene på nettverket

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Som overskriften sier så får jeg ikke koblet til laptoppen og den stasjonære pc en til det trådløse nettverket hjemme (bare den stasjonære).

Det hele begynte etter at jeg satte inn et trådløst kort på den stasjonære. før det brukte den kabel og alt vvirket greit.


Noen ideer?


Har lagt til feilrapporten jeg sendte til support under:


Hi! I have newly purchased a new wireless PCI card and installed it on my dekstop computer but I am experiencing som problems connecting to my home network. I am using a 3com office connect wireless and cable modem, a dell laptop with integraded wireless card and the newly purchased Linksys wireless-g PCI card. Untill a cople of days ago I used a cable between my dekstop and the router and the laptop was connected wireless and it all worked out fibe. But when I began using the wireless card on the dekstop the laptopp suddenly couldnt connect anymore (could connect but had no acces to the internett) and I got a message that it had no or lomited acces to the network. my dekstop are online but I am experiencing a series of timeouts on my connection and I have to reconect many times.


Would appreciate any advices.


best ragerds. Simon

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