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4xaa og 4xaf

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AF går nesten kun på CPU, AA nesten kun på GPU



A technique that also relies on fooling the eye is anti-aliasing. Digital graphics systems are very good at creating lines that go straight up and down the screen, or straight across. But when curves or diagonal lines show up (and they show up pretty often in the real world), the computer might produce lines that resemble stair steps instead of smooth flows. So to fool your eye into seeing a smooth curve or line, the computer can add graduated shades of the color in the line to the pixels surrounding the line. These "grayed-out" pixels will fool your eye into thinking that the jagged stair steps are gone. This process of adding additional colored pixels to fool the eye is called anti-aliasing, and it is one of the techniques that separates computer-generated 3-D graphics from those generated by hand. Keeping up with the lines as they move through fields of color, and adding the right amount of "anti-jaggy" color, is yet another complex task that a computer must handle as it creates 3-D animation on your computer monitor.

AF fant jeg ikke noe på :blush:

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scorer ca 6600 i 3dmark03 på mine standarinstillinger. tenker jeg kjjører 4xaa og 8xaf jeg :) , med 4xaa og 8xaf så fikk jeg bare 3000 i 3dmark03, men kjører fortsatt painkiller osv smooth.

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