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dum og dummere sanger?

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"Boom Shak-A-Lak"

Written by Steven Kaput

Performed by Apache Indian


"Hip Hop Solution"

Written by Ray Colcord

Performed by Ray Colcord


"The Love Affair"

Written by Dick Walter


"Red Right Hand"

Written by Nick Cave

Performed by Nick Cave and the bad Seeds


"Get ready"

Written by William Robinson

Performed by Proclaimers


"Rap me silly"

Written by Ray Colcord

Performed by Ray Colcord



Written by Madan/Johanssen

Performed by Echobelly


"Permanent Vacation"

Written by Tom Wolfe

Performed by Tom Wolfe


"Too much of a good thing"

Written by Bret Reilly

Performed by The Sons


"2 Ft O'Butt Crack"

Written by Jimmy Glen Pines & Elmo Jackson

Performed by Circle the Wagon



Written by Charles Foxx & Inez Foxx

Performed by Lloyd & Harry


"The rain, the park and other things"

Written by Arty Kornfield

Performed by The Cowsills


"The Bear Song"

Written by Green Jelly

Performed by Green Jelly


"The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead"

Written by Andy Partridge

Performed by Crash Test Dummies



Written by Lance Tawzer

Performed by The Lumpins


"Hurdy Gurdy Man"

Written by Donovan

Performed by Butthole Surfers


"mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm"

Written by Brad Roberts

Performed by Crash Test Dummies


"Crash (the '95 mix)"

Performed by The Primitives


"Where I find my heaven"

Written by Browner, Gibbs, Hutley

Performed by Gigolo Aunts


"Trumpet Voluntary"

Written by Jeremiah Clarke


"Country Adagio"

Written by Ian Hughes

Performed by Ian Hughes


"You sexy thing"

Written by Brown/Wilson

Performed by Deee-Ide


"Oh pretty Woman"

Written by Roy Orbison

Performed by Roy Orbison


"Endangered Species"

Written by Ray Colcord

Performed by Ray Colcord


"New age girl"

Performed by Dead eye dick


"Snow Bird Serenade"

Written by Ray Colcord

Performed by Ray Colcord


"If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)"

Written by Pete Droge

Performed by Pete Droge


"Should have known"

Written by Michael Alan Lerner


"Can we still be friends"

Written by Todd Rundgren

Performed by Todd Rundgren


"Ride of ms. Gulch"

Written by Harold Arlen


"Rollin' down the hill"

Written by Phil Solem and Danny Wilde

Performed by The Rembrands


"Hallelujah from The Messiah"

Written by Friedrich Handel


"Whiney Whiney (Things that make me crazy)"

Written by Will one Blood

Performed by Will one Blood


"What are words worth?"

Performed by Tom-Tom Club


Edit: fra imdb.com øff kørs.

Edited by nr.4

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