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Spillene på Games Convention 2007 (Multi)

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Ja, det er nok sant. Faktisk så bygger de bare på den engine de allerede har, litt snodig. :hmm:


I ettertanke er jeg nokså enig med det Heatseeker på BI forums sa:

Those hinds and units look familiar... anyway!


Im glad to read that BIS is working on a new project already but this anouncement sounds more like they are anouncing another expantion pack than a whole new game (no real feature list).


The screens look exactly like Arma (on a good setup), even the strange yellowish street lights look the same, only diferent art is used.


The setting? US military fights the evil commies in yet another fictional environment, old?

Arma II is a name that many will relate to a game that didnt have the best possible SP content and shipped early with many bugs/flaws in it, in the end i think Arma turned out to be a good platform.. but apparently it wont live or last long enough for us to explore its potential.


Apparently Arma II is a multiplatform game (for latest consoles too) and this makes a little nervous (target audience? ) since it might impact the game/gameplay in a rather negative way.


I dont know... they have a fantastic engine in their hands and time to work on it and improve many things, lets just see what they come up with it.


This anouncement made me loose interest in QG (wich wasnt looking so promissing anyway)..


Ja, ja.. fortsatt et år .. 4 mnd igjen til 2008. :whistle::ermm:

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