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nyttt intervju med John Carmack (på engelsk)

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Great interview with John Carmack from the new PC GAMER (this is about 1/3 of the actual interview)... has some very favorable things to say about the 360: I'll list the topics dealing with the XBOX 360....


Is the Xbox 360 id’s primary development platform?


[pause] It probably will be. As it is right now we would get the game up on the 360. When I would do major hack and slash architectural changes it was back on the PC, but it’s looking like the Xbox 360 will be our target. All of our tools are on the PC, and we’re maintaining the game running on the PC, but probably all of our gameplay development and testing will be done on the Xbox 360. It’s a really sweet development system.


I have a quote here from Gabe Newell talking about the next generation of processors and consoles. He says “the problems of getting things running on multicore processors are not solved. We have doctoral theses but no real world applications.” Do you agree with him?


The difference between theoretical performance and real world performance on the CPU level is growing fast. On say, a regular Xbox, you can get very large fractions of theoretical performance with not a whole lot of effort. The Playstation 2 was always a mess with the multiple processors on there, but the new generations, with Cell or the Xbox 360 make it much, much worse. They can quote these incredibly high numbers of giga-flop or tera-flops or whatever, but in reality, when you do a straighforward development process on them, they’re significantly slower than a modern high end PC. It’s only by doing significant architectural work that you even have a chance of finding speed-ups to what the PC can do, let alone it’s theoretical performance. It’s only through trivial, toy or contrived applications that you can deliver the performance numbers they claim.


The graphics systems are much better than though. Graphics has an inherent natural parallelism. The capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PS3 are really good on the graphics side, although, not any head or shoulders above any PC stuff that you can buy at a higher price point.


Are you working on a new rendering engine?


Yeah. For the last year I’ve been working on new rendering technologies. It comes in fits and starts. Our internal project is not publicly announced on there. We’re doing simultaneous development on Xbox 360, PC, and we intend to release on PS3 simultaneously as well, but it’s not a mature enough platform right now for us to be doing much work on.



Does moving to the Xbox change any of your open source support? You’ve been practically deified in that community for the way you allow them to work on your game engines.


It makes it less of a priority to structure things in a way that they can be easily modified. But I think, already in the PC space, there’s been a downswing in the modding scene. As projects got more and more complex the modifications that have gone on in the user community have got sparser and sparser because the teams have had to conglomerate into these super-groups to put something together. I think, looking back, Quake was the golden age of user-modifications. It was still crude enough that you didn’t need an art director to produce a significant mod. That’s saddening, but just the way the platforms have evolved.


Our PC version will probably continue, for ever after, to have significant modification capability. We’ll release large chunks of source code for people to hack up any way they want. I intend to continue my practice of releasing complete engine source code sometime after the next major game is released. One year after our next game is out, I may very well be releasing the Doom 3 source code.

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Slik eg sjønner det er kommer det spelt med best grafikk til å bli laga av nokon som klarer å utnytte maskinen til det fulle. Men det er lettere sagt enn gjort.


At Carmack støtter Xbox360 er gamelt nytt, siden microsoft har gitt meir info om konsolen(korleis den funker, og kva er lettest å gjere). Men vi får sjå når PS3 kommer om kanskje sony gir meir info til utviklerene.


One year after our next game is out, I may very well be releasing the Doom 3 source code.
Ganske kult at han gir ut source koden, sjølv om eg har ikkje sett mangen som har utnytt det til noko enda.

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Hva med en link til kilden så jeg kan lese den?




eneste muligheten blir vel da å kjøpe PC gamer bladet



Ahh, my bad :p

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