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CRC Mismatch i AOE 3

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Eso er noe drit. Derfor. Holdt på i hele natt med å få joina servere. Men fikk bare "The host cancelled the game". Så Eso er delvis nede.





Du har nok et problem med portene. Har sett flere som har irritert seg over dette. ESO har mange bugger, men det er ikke en av dem. Hadde samme problemet. Funka til meg ved å sette maskina på DMZ på rutern. Evt. skru av firewall

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Ingen som hadde noe vettugt å si om CRC Mismatch? Kan det være fordi jeg ikke "orker" å sette inn AOE3-CD'n? (Bruker mini-image)

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CRC mismatch:

CRC mismatches commonly occur when a player's version of the game does not match the version of the game they are trying to join. Below are a few common causes of versions not matching:


Your game is cracked or illegal, which in this case, stop trying to fix it and go buy the game


You are running the game using a "no-cd check" executable.


The patch did not install correctly - you probably have to reinstall the game


You made modifications to your files in the game Startup folder such as game.cfg - Most people who have disabled the cinematics or added other things in game.cfg or other .cfg files are getting a CRC Mismatch error - Undo ANY changes made to your .cfg files and the problem should be fixed; otherwise, reinstall the game.


You made edits or installed a mod that edited one of the .xml game files; such as proto.xml - Undo ANY changes made to your .xml game files and the problem should be fixed; otherwise, reinstall the game.


Invalid ip adress error eller "The host canceled the game"

Most likely there is a conflict with the age3 and a router setting. The following are some suggestions that have helped others.

Note, if you need assistance configuring your router please refer to your router manufacture.

Verify your Firewall or internet security software is allowing AGe3 to pass through


Disable your Firewall or internet security software temporarily while you test connecting to the game.


Upgrade your firmware on your router and your network card


Toggle UPnP (If you have UPnP on, try turning it off and if you have UPnP off, try turning it on.


Turn on DMZ, if its off


Turn off DMZ, if on


Port forward UDP and TCP/IP ports 2300-2310 to your machine. If that range does not work try expanding it to cover ports 2300-2340, or try using the OverridePort command listed below.


Some routers have a Gaming Mode. Be sure to enable that option if your router supports this feature.


Change your computers IP on your router. Example: if your computer sits at change it to


Powercycle your network hardware: Turn off your modem, router, and computer. Wait a few minutes then turn them back on one at a time in the listed order.


Enjoy! :)

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