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RAID 5, hvilken skal jeg velge?

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Jeg har dette kortet som har innebygget RAID 5 kontroller, men jeg er ikke helt fornøyd med ytelsen som får på den innebygde kontrolleren. Noen som har erfaringer med den?


A8N32-SLI Deluxe


Tidligere har jeg kjørt raid 5 på denne kontrolleren, ville dere heller benyttet den? jeg har 128mb ram på kontrolleren også. Tror dere at det kortet har høyere ytelse?


Promise FastTrak S150 SX4


Takker for hjelp, noen som har noen gode benchmark programmer for harddisker?

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Trenger litt tillegsinfomasjon.


Boter du i fra raid-kontrolleren, eller fra egen disk

Hvor mange disker?

Type og størrelse?


Test av hastighet prøv dette:







Fant svaret på ditt problem på Assus sine sider. Her er svaret:


- Don't bother trying nvraid with RAID-5. It's -dog- slow. I had three 500GB Seagates reading at (max@!) speeds of about 20MB/sec and writing at 8MB/sec. Absolutely terrible. A single 500GB drive is _at least_ three times faster. RAID-5 shouldn't be advertised as a feature by nVidia or by ASUS. Even Windows-based SOFTWARE NTFS RAID-5 is slightly faster. On a side note, if this feature is important to you, Intel Chipset ICH7R does -very- good RAID5. See benchmarks online. It's actually usable on the Intel Chipset.



Let me give you a scenario to compare against. Say your car goes 120MPH max, normally. If your car suddenly started going 20MPH max, would it be usable? Would you even be able to call it a car without being ashamed of yourself? No? Then why can nVidia/ASUS call this RAID-5 when it drops my 50MB/sec sustained read performance (OF A SINGLE DRIVE) to under 8MB/sec (FOR THREE DRIVES)? Take this off the feature list or fix it. This is borderline deceptive advertising.


Her er linken til siden: Assus suport

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