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Skal lage hjemme side med filmer etc.

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Har tenkt til å lage en hjemmeside hvor jeg kan legge ut filmer og bilder, så derfor trenger jeg en, hvor det er litt plass på!


Hva er den beste, med mest plass og som er gratis? (tenkte noe alla home.no elns)


MVH Pål Martin!

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Fant nettopp ut at:

We sadly announce that the free webhosting section of O-WH has shut down.

Our Paid section, however, remains up and will continue to fulfil requests.

In a few seconds, you will be redirected to M-ka Hosting, a neighbouring free host.

They are a stable free webhost and we feel that they would be better able to provide you with free post4hosting services. Thank you for your time here.

All freehosting accounts will remain for one week although after that will be terminated.


Note: M-ka Hosting is not affiliated with O-WH and therefore cannot reimburse points accumulated at O-WH.




Edit: Feil i Quoten.

Edited by BigJackW

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:hmm: ok!

Trenger litt hjelp til jeg :blush: hehe

Hvor er forumet der da?

Når jeg trykker på FREE HOSTING FORUM, så komemr jeg bare innpå http://m-ka.net/



Hva skal jeg gjøre da BigJackW?

Får jeg ikke laga der da?

Edited by Pålarn

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