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DANCING MANTIS @ Gamla, Oslo - 12. Mars

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Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=317684121104



Date: 12th March 2010

Time: 22:00 - 03:30

Place: Gamla

ID: 20

CC: 100,-






Since 2002 Cave has over 40 releases on labels such as Carl Cox' Intec label, Harthouse, Terminal M, Primate, Ingoma, ID&T ++

Early 2005 the first release on Cave's new label Spilo Records was released with great success.

The label has since then continued with huge artists like Ben Sims, Chris Liebing, Ortin Cam, Hertz, Boriqua Tribez, Marko Nastic aswell as Cave himself.

These days Cave is touring the world with his dj-sets and the

Cave vs Ortin Cam double Live-act, having already visited over 40 countries with appearences in well known festivals and clubs such as Dance Valley, Awakenings Festival, Fabrik Madrid, Florida 135, Turnmills London ++

The music from Caves productions reflects very much the style in his DJ sets, playing technosets with heavy beats loaded with tricks'n'fx to give the audience the best experience possible!






Born and raised in Berlin - now residing in Oslo - Korpex has played records since the end of the 90`s.

His pumping techouse and techno sets have given many a dancer in Oslo and Berlin a smooth and groovy experience

and he is going to go on giving his groovy techy stuff to the people.. also through his own musical productions.. So let yourself be surprised and; funked!





aka Tony Endrè is well known from events like Strictly, Cirka Loka with the alias Hain Tåmmi, Pirates on decks, Cold Comfort, Serum Allstars, Funky Fiction, Under The Blue Moon. He has also had radio programs such as Superintendo with Cave & Strictly live on radio skranglebass, he has also performed on Torsdagsklubben several times. This time he will play back to back with Korpex, the unbeatable duo. Get ready to dance!





Glans substans mix







Kristian is one of a kind. Optimist is one of his strongest sides. He believes nothing is impossible regardless what other people say.

His intensions are simple and emotionally correct. To create and help out when his needed in what he choose to call "the elecktrocircus".

He started his vision on a sunny summer day in june 2009, by investing in a power aggregate and chose what he ment was the ideal spot for outdoor events, Thorhovdalen became home base for Camp Kandy.

First event, "Pura Vida" inspired him to continue. The two next events "Fear and loathing in Thorsovdalen" and "Kult Gress" impressed and made people belive in his ideas which sometimes seemed impossible. He played as resident dj at his events and it's about a year since he startet djing and he will continue forfilling his passion and hopes to be taken more seriously.

The Newyear party at "LOFTET" he arranged with his brother was a succsess and it seems like he earned some more trust and reached out to more people.

Benz style is tech house, techno and proghouse. The first tune he loved was Usura - open your mind. That inspired him to fall in love with electronic music in 93`.






Faia is a new lady DJ in Oslo, she started to spin records in february 2009, and she has already had gigs at Funky Fiction @ Hausmania, Gummihjulfabrikken/Moloch, Primal Behaviour and on a private party at The Villa. Her style is a nice and funky mixture of tech-house, minimal and techno that will make your body and soul dance for hours. You'll see more of Faia in 2010, as she already have been booked to a lot of different techno-parties.





Line up:


Benz................................. 22.00 - 22.30


Faia................................... 22.30 - 23.30


Korpex b2b Tony-H.......... 23.30 - 00.30


Jörgen Glans...................... 00.30 - 01.30


Cave.................................. 01.30 - 03.00+



There will be visual effects by LSDesign/StianDMT, and deco by the Dancing Mantis crew.


Welcome to party with us, and the praying dancing mantis at Gamla :D

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