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Koble til SQL database på servern i .net

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Jeg skrev dette inlegget på et annet forum uten noe hell. Dermed limer jeg den bare inn her på engelsk. Håper at noen kan hjelpe meg...




I have read many posts and documentation on the subject but have not been able to find the answer.So I am posting here in hope that someone could give me good answer.


We are developing an ording system in my company and with weborderingsystem and an backoffice system. We use windows2k3 where sqlserver 2005 is installed and running with our database. Our webapplication is working with this database and is connected to it. This works fine. I am developing backofficepart whick is an C# application and point of this app is that user can check out sent orders, look up orders and customers.


i use C# express to develop this, and use database explorer to try to connect to my the database.


My machine is running WinXp pro and server is win2k3 with SQL Server 2005 on it.


I get this error:


"The file \\810....... is on a network path that is not supported for databasefiles....


the path is this:






Can anyone give me an answer to tell me if this is possible at all or give me an suggestion on how to go about hsi problem. I need my application to connect to another machine on the network that is running SQL server.

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Feilen sier jo

"...is on a network path that is not supported for databasefiles"


som betyr at du overhodet ikke kan bruke .MDF filer på tvers av nettverket.


Vil tro at det kjører en SQL server på den maskinen .MDF filen ligger på som bruker denne. Det er denne serveren du skal koble deg opp mot, ikke MDF filen. Bruker du SQL Server'en får du tilgang til den databasen MDF filen utgjør.

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