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Robin B

RD600ATI's Bus License Stays - (Intel)

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Sakset fra Beyond3d. :)


Earlier rumors of Intel having "revoked" ATI's bus license are now being denied by ATI, as reported by DailyTech. No such action has been taken, and RD600 will thus be manufactured and sold as previously expected. It is likely, however, that Intel simply couldn't have cancelled the license, as there was no legal justification for them to do so. Although the specifics of the license agreement between the two are not known, Intel may have to wait until the license expires to prevent ATI from producing Intel-compatible chipsets.


ATI also plans on a new X700-based IGP, the RS600, which will also go through as planned. It features AVIVO support and X700-class graphics with 4 pixel pipelines. The equivalent AMD part is called RS690, or R690T if it has dedicated memory on the mainboard board for the IGP. ATI's AMD equivalent to the RD600 is the RD580, which was released on March 1st of this year as the Xpress 3200. RS600/RS690 are to be called Xpress 1250, and the latter is pin-compatible with the XPress 1100.


It remains to be seen if ATI's motherboard customers will embrace Intel solutions going forward. AMD and ATI promised not to cut off support as a result of the deal announced on Monday, but our sense is it's merely a business obligation to partners. If stronger guidance on the semipermanent viability of ATI's Intel mainboard product line is not forthcoming, a long-term future for Intel core logic from ATI may not materialise.



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