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ZeZar is BACK

Viking mod : Looking for a Website designer

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Yes, we are currently looking for a guy who can make our website. We do have a website, but its not good at all. (www.wlclan.net/mod). So i really hope someone here wants to make the new website, and maybe work on updating it. Not a newsreporter, because we have 2 of those, but maybe making it better day by day.

We need a guy who have the time to work, and that have some experience.


The mod we are making is called Viking mod for now, we have 12 members in the team, 2 coders, 3 modellers, 1 animation guy, me, 2 newsies and some sketchers.


The mod is for 0ad (www.wildfiregames.com/0ad) and it will come out in about 7-8 maybe 9 months. As a member of the team, you get honor and all that, but also, you get to be alpha, AND beta tester for the game, 0ad.




I hope you might consider this, , and if you wanna know more, or join up, either send a mail, add MSN, post here or send a PM here :)




mail: zezar@wlclan.net

msn: zezar_88@hotmail.com

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