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PC Suite Nokia 6600

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Når jeg kobler min N6600 til PCen via blåtann og da åpner PC Suiteen og den spør om navnet som jeg må bruke til gjenstanden så får jeg opp feil som sier "Du må oppgi et gyldig navn".


Kan noen hjelpe meg der?


Tusen Takk!

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har hatt nøyaktig det samme problemt selv... jeg søkte litt rundt, og takket være CyberAage fant jeg denne guiden...



Did you try what I suggested?


The problem is not that mRouter doesn't see the ports. The problem is that it looks for an OPEN connection, but doesn't try to open the connection itself. So here's what I did:


1. In mRouter, check the boxes for both your serial-out bluetooth port and serial-in bluetooth port. Ignore any "application in use" errors.


2. Open PCSuite. Even though it says there is nothing connected, click OK.


3. In PCSuite, choose the "change device" (maybe its "select device"?) option from the menu. Click refresh in the dialog.


4. Check in your bluetooth software to see if it is trying to open a connection to the phone. If it is, just let it, and when it connects, pcsuite will realize that, and you can select the phone from the "change device" dialog.


5. If the software is not trying to open a connection, open up mRouter's port configuration thingy again. De-check the box for your serial out port. Then, check it again and ignore any errors. Then, in PCSuite (which you didn't close), again hit "choose device."


About 10 or 15 seconds later, I always get a good connection.



Det virket for meg hvert fall... :yes:

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