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  1. Thanks, I looked into that, but I am a 3rd generation born in the US.....didn't look like I qualify for that....Is Ireland part of the EU? My wife is German/Irish, I'll have to check with her side.
  2. Thanks! That was helpful, I did a search using that and it did come up with some info. Does Norway consider Mechanics, carpenters, plumbers to be in the Trades, like here in America? I seen Norway list a nurse as being in the trades, but here it is more of a professional training.
  3. Here in the States, a mechanic has to have his own tools, is it the same in Norway?
  4. Are you using the M18 or M12 batteries?
  5. Thanks for posting and answering my question.
  6. What is the battery voltage in a none hybrd/electric car? is it 12 volt like the United States? I am concerned about rechargeable tools, I know Germany has a different herts (rating and I assume Norway will be the same), so american clocks and other items won't work properly, Figure I can take a couple inverters to recharge my cordless tools as long as the batteries are still 12 volt. Anyone use Milwaukee tools there?
  7. Anyone know if there is a term for Fleet Mechanic? I'd like to find a company that has it's own mechanics to work on it's equipment.
  8. Yes, I am seeing it is not going to be a easy thing to do, we'll have to see how it goes.....maybe come up with a "Plan B" !
  9. Thanks for the info. My hope is to get on with a utility.....manlifts, diggers, cars, pickups, truck, tractors, construction equipment. I have many schools through the years, just depends on what they are looking for.....diesel, gas, welding..... I did see jobs on glassdoor, that is why I asked about it, see some on Linkedin too. I'll look through the ones posed on here tonight. Again, thanks for the help, everyone!! The wife and I have both been using an app to study learn Norwegian for the last couple weeks, so.....it's going slow, but we are getting it done.
  10. Anyone heard of www.glassdoor.com, I see they have jobs too.
  11. My family is from there and I would like to get to know some of the family that is still there, plus I have a son living in Europe.....I can live there and travel shorter distances to other places, I love Alaska and Norway looks pretty much the same.
  12. We are looking at moving to Norway, my original plan was to retire there and do some traveling, but I found out that was wishful thinking! So, I am looking for work there and hope to get a permanent residence permit later on, if all works out. I am wondering what the job market is like in Norway, the more og romsdal area is where I would like to be, I have been a mechanic for around 25 years. I am open to pretty much any job as long as it pays the wages a person needs to apply for a residence permit.
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