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  1. Anybody checked there orders the ones for 2021 any chqnge on the dates ?
  2. I think you should look at your own posts before you comment on how i post. I dont think I have offended anyone apart from you for some reason. Sorry for complaining about not getting my ps5 like the others that got sent out same time as mine.
  3. I accept and yes its not good for them people but i deserve no sympathy at all then ?. You dont think I have friends that also are on that waiting list its shit. I ordered 22 april. The first batch sent out and have to wait until monday. While the others got theres now. sort your self out get online earlyier and order earlyier. I also have a right to post here.
  4. Stuck to the computer haha i read my email on the way home from work 15.40 then ordered. Its funny because you seem to check and reply pretty quick here. I guess you must worked a long shift on the 22 April.
  5. I can say it this way you had over 2 hours to secure your playstation on that date. No website crashes or problems with the site. Trying using 2 hours today on elkøp or coop.
  6. To those who are getting it 3 may try ordering earlyier next time. You had the whole of 22 of April to order.
  7. I hope they put it in a extra box but it doesnt look like it from the size. Postnord says its coming on monday 23 nov
  8. Mine not sent yet anybody else ?
  9. Look again you should have a tracking button where it says cancel order
  10. Any others from komplett been processed ?
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