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  1. (Undertegnede er norsk, men siden guildet er interasjonalt, så skrives rekrutteringsmeldingen på engelsk) You think you do is a semi hardcore raiding guild on Firemaw EU Horde whose main ambition is to have fun while clearing Classic WoW’s content together. Disorganized raids lead to wiping, and no one enjoys that. Our ambition is to provide a structured and ambitious environment for serious and mature WoW Classic players without making the game a full-time job. Jokes are encouraged on Discord during raids – there is no ‘clear comms’ requirement. Goal The goal of the guild is to clear all available raid tiers, as smoothly as possible, within our 2 raiding days. We put a big focus on structure and dedication - we are not a hardcore guild in terms of hours played, but we take a serious approach to our raids and the time we spend together as a guild. Guild presentation For a more detailed presentation check out the link: http://tiny.cc/ytydInfo. Loot distribution <You think you do> is using a loot council and roll based system. LC is restricted to certain items, while items that are not defined as LC have a class priority for rolling: http://tiny.cc/ytydLoot. Additional information can be found in our guild presentation. Raid schedule Thursday (20:30-23:00) Secondary raid day (MC) Sunday (19:00-23:00) Main raid day (BWL) Tuesday (20:30-23:00) Future content Recruiting Open - Mage Open - Holy priest Open - Resto shaman Closed - Druid Closed - Hunter Closed - Rogue Closed - Warlock Closed - Fury warrior As we are finalizing our roster, we are currently only looking for well geared and exceptional players. How to apply Contact Zharack, Thiffie or Danne in game or on discord Zharack#0255. Additional points of contact can be found in our guild presentation.
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