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  1. I've recently been wondering about how any 2 or 3 year old child starts learning a language and an adult learning the same language as well and if there's a different method between the two. As I said earlier I've been watching Swedish TV now for the past 5 or 6 years and guess I can now understand about 75%, to the point where satisfyingly I rarely switch on the subtitles. I also now find myself unconciously getting the grammar more and more correct even though it stlll looks strange, so I'm starting to wonder if it's the same sort of joint learning method that all young babies and adults have ? A bit like an unconscious sponge perhaps....?
  2. Thanks, so it's Bokmål, NyNorsk, Icelandic pius about 90 or so regional dialects so is it easier to talk in English ? ? ________________________________________________________ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSacz4GHQjs You should try being English….?
  3. Never really knew what the difference was between Queens's English and the aristos' versions, the latter often being accused of having a plum in the mouth, a toff being pretentious and so on ! ? The heroine was however very natural and very genuine. What's the difference between Nynorsk and Bokmål ? Do you know of any you tube etc. documentaries about the history of Norway say between 1600 - 1850 ?
  4. Thanks for the links especially the sub titles of the American documentary of Norwegian communities which is already helping a lot. The silent film was interesting too showing life as it really was and why there must be many regional dialects still left today though no idea how many, presumably school children are still taught in regional dialects ? Equally as you no doubt already know there are still many regional dialects spoken in the UK today as well despite global media influences. Incidentally I'm a fan of many prewar UK films when regional accents were still very common, so if you're interested the accents in the prewar film "Rebecca" below the actors speak English in probably what is its most purest form. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ_PBT-1vGA
  5. Thank you for the links. Funny thing I've been watching Swedish TV for a good 5 or 6 years now and often saw Skavlan's programmes but never realised he was speaking Norwegian as it was unintelligible till this programme. I can just about follow what he says now so assume he's speaking a regional dialect, whereas Nerdrum soon became easier so assume he's speaking Båkmål ? Most interesting of all was to hear the lady in the red dress speaking Swedish which was great to listen to, both languages being immediately understood by all so it will be very useful indeed over the long term. ?
  6. Hi again I'm trying to find somewhere where Bokmål is spoken all the time as the daily news on NRK is a bit too fast and not long enough. Ideally where someone is narrating from a book with English sub titles to really get used to it so some light fiction novel or similar would be ideal. Thanks ?
  7. Thanks, it was really enjoyable to discover how easy it was listening to Bokmål for the first tme with little need to turn on the subtitles. Presumably the Voss and/or Sauda folk can understand written and spoken Bokmål ? I think there are probably similar parallels to dialects in the more northern parts of Scotland and the Isles as well which only the locals can distinguish, so it would be interesting to compare the above two geographical regions at some stage.
  8. Hej igen Jag har titta på två Norsk filmer med två olika accenter, den forsta jag förstott bra men dem sekund var väldigt svårt. Jag tro de forst är Bokmål men den sekund jag har ingen aning om, kanske en av de många accenter genom hela Norge....? Tack ? https://tv.nrk.no/serie/roed-snoe/sesong/1/episode/1/avspiller https://tv.nrk.no/serie/vestavind/sesong/1/episode/1/avspiller
  9. Any leads you can find thanks, particularly survivors who might have known anyone in RAF 333 Bomber Squadron.
  10. Tack för din hjälp med att söka efter någon släkting. Jag kan förstar omkring 70% - 75% av talad och skriven Svensk, båkmal Norsk kanske 50%, och förstår Norsk ungefär 30% med en liten skriftlig norsk. Äntligen ingen alls Danske kunskap.
  11. Interesting about your grandfather. If you haven't already have you tried any Google regiment searches about your grandfather from your info above ?
  12. Never knew that speaking Swedish in Norway one would be understood so very useful thank you ! However what about writing and reading in Swedish is that much the same or ? Equally vice versa....? Btw I can still barely understand a word of Danish if it weren't for the subtitles !
  13. Great thank you very helpful indeed. I can get by ok with a fair amount of Norwegian text as there are quite a lot of recognizable similar words in Swedish too, equally spoken Norwegian as well if it's Bokmål which from what I've heard most Swedes can also follow. I think the obvious first question is do Swedes set out to write and speak in Norwegian and vice versa, assuming that the Norwegians can in similar fashion understand Swedish anyway ?
  14. Thank you the Defence's Veteran's Centre residents sounds a great place to start as I think they would have a lot of memories and had the time since then to have done quite a lot of research into it all....
  15. Yes thank you again good idea. In the UK we've got a few retirement homes for the armed forces such as in the link below. Are there any similar ones like this one in Norway ? https://www.britishlegion.org.uk/get-support/care-and-independent-living/our-care-homes Incidentally are there any Norwegian English forums anywhere I could join as well as it would be great practice....? Thanks ?
  16. Great many thanks and very interesting indeed though I cheated a bit as my Swedish wasn't up to it ? https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=no&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aeronorge.no%2Fkulturarv%2F2018%2F20181213.html Do you know if they had any reunions as we did after the war was over on the offchance that they might have kept records ? Always glad to help with any translations....
  17. A bit off topic I know so apologies as I don't know where to post this but can anyone help....? I was going through some of my father's old RAF papers recently and found a note he had written soon after the war about a Norwegian bomber or fighter Squadron based in Scotland, presumably because it was quite close to Norway. He got to know quite a few of them because his job was collecting spare parts from crashed bombers and fighters, but didn't mention which Squadron the Norwegian crews were in. However he did say that he and several other RAF friends from 333 Bomber Squadron all spent a lot of time in the nearest pub, but they could never understand a word they said whether they were sober or drunk until they spoke English ! At the bottom of the note long before the internet he said "Must write to the War Office" which he sadly never did, so does anyone know who best to contact in Norway these days ? Thanks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._331_Squadron_RAF
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