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  1. Logo for book printing press or book store. (Unused Logo)
  2. Unused concept. Also you can click it and see other style version of this logo:)
  3. The "Seahawk Media" family logo for YouTube series called "Sehawk Learn" !
  4. Updated old BrainBox logo in to new 3d dimensional logo:)
  5. Logo was made for upcoming mobile application called “Albums”, which will help you to securely store, hide, collect, share your images with friends and public!
  6. My recent logo works, for as similar companies that are related to Cyrptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cardinals Network CryptoSpace
  7. Logo for "counter strike global offensive" related website - "HotUpgrade.com" will be avalible soon.
  8. XHOWL - for CSGO project. Original and glass versions.
  9. Unused Mark - Wings from letter W Two color versions:
  10. Hi, this is new logo called "Heroes Book" A little unusual style for me. Also I am working on the next version of this logo, which will fit my style:]
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