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  1. Har prøvd alle her å liker ingen.. Den beste jeg har prøvd å fortsatt bruker er Smartaudiobookplayer, lite å si krever nesten ingenting av mobilen din. Anbefales på det sterkeste. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ak.alizandro.smartaudiobookplayer&hl=no
  2. Jeg bruker et K90 tastatur og er meget fornøyd. Hvis det er noe å utsette så er det for enkelt å komme bortti CL når man skriver, trenger nesten bare blåse på den.
  3. FFX!! damn you, nå må jeg starte på det igjen.....DmC er ogå genialt men når det gjelder timer brukt på spill er det FF som vinner LETT.
  4. STOR helnorsk klan http://www.victrixlegion.com/
  5. first and foremost this game runs entirely on quick-time , over 12 gig for a game that doesn't use your GFX in the way it should. For a game that uses movie footage as gameplay, the movie quality is so 1990's and grainy. I've seen better cams and i kid you not. when you finally get it to run, even though it gives you hints on changing your res till the little box is black, there is NO actually option to change the res, so you have huge boarders at either side of the screen with a little quick time window in the mid. response time to move the retard looking captain is slow at best and you don't have to do anything really apart from move the mouse and click ( and thats it) . so when after 10 mins of this abomination and you say wow what crap is this and you exit, it freezes your desktop res to the game, so you either have to restart or go into your res options and reset/refresh.
  6. Games Age of Conan, an MMORPG, released in May 2008. [edit] Video games Seven video games have been released based on the Conan mythos. * In 1984, Datasoft released Conan: Hall of Volta for the Apple II and Commodore 64. * In 1989, Mindscape, Inc. released 'Conan' for the NES. * In 1991, Mindscape released Conan: The Mysteries of Time for NES, a Commodore 64 port by System 3. * In 1991, Virgin Games and Synergistic released Conan: The Cimmerian for Amiga and DOS. * In 2004, TDK Mediactive released Conan (2004 video game), a third-person action game for Windows and consoles. * In 2007, THQ and Nihilistic released Conan, a third-person action game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. * In 2008, Funcom released Age of Conan, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) on May 20 in the US and May 23 in Europe. [edit] Collectible card games * In 2006, Comic Images released the Conan Collectible Card Game designed by Jason Robinette. [edit] Board games * In 2009, Fantasy Flight Games released the Age of Conan strategy board game, depicting warfare between the Hyborian nations in which Conan adventures. [edit] Role-playing games TSR signed a license agreement in 1984 to publish the Conan game.[16] * Two modules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: o CB1 Conan Unchained! (1984) o CB2 Conan Against Darkness! (1984) * Conan Role-Playing Game (1985) by TSR, Inc., and 3 official game adventures: o CN1 Conan the Buccaneer (1985) o CN2 Conan the Mercenary (1985) o CN3 Conan Triumphant (1985) * GURPS Conan, a GURPS version by Steve Jackson Games. * Conan The Roleplaying Game (2004), an OGL version by Mongoose Publishing, with many supplements. [edit] Play-by-mail games * Hyborian War, hosted by Reality Simulations Inc., is a play-by-mail game set in the Hyborian Age.
  7. Hva skall du ha for den da?
  8. Nei, uff noe så lumpent!...Jeg vil ha det på PS3.... EDIT: Fjernet noen mindre pene ord, og erstattet dem med noe mer politisk korrekt -Shicca.
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