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  1. Åh faaakern jeg hater jul, all maten, magen miiiin XD

  2. "Min sjel er fylt av den Hellige Ånd, der er ikke mer plass for hverken andre gode eller onde krefter. Mitt hus er fylt med Guds godhet. Om der er verken annet godt eller ondt vil det ikke finne en ledig plass i mitt hus" - SonicDragon

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    2. SonicDragon


      Ja jeg er kristen. Men det betyr ikke at jeg er super-duper kristen. Og det betyr heller ikke at jeg er flink til å være kristen ;)

    3. Emily1


      Hihi, samme her :))


      God jul!

    4. SonicDragon


      GOD JUL til deg og! :D

  3. Hårsåre moderatorer............ life goes on

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    2. Emily1


      Hahaha :)


      Jotakk for det. EuroAsian? Aldri hørt om.

    3. SonicDragon


      Det vil si Asiatere i Europa eller Asiater blandet med Europeisk rase


      Det var hyggelig og morsomt å prate med deg. Du kan alltids kontakte meg om du lurer på noe. Men nå, må jeg legge meg haha

    4. Emily1


      Aha ;) norsk-asiater da, kanskje.


      Hihi ja jeg liker å bli kjent med mennesker :) ok sov godt da xoxo

  4. ..... still breathing

  5. Design Document for StarHaste is done

  6. The night to this day, i didnt get alot of sleep. I was sitting up and listening to "Sol Invictus" by trailer-music company Audiomachine. Then suddently i had some sort of awakening. A realization. I had to stop joking around with all these worthelss game-ideas of mine. I needed to start doing things right and make stuff inside my limitations of skills. Then i remembered this classic experiment i did back in June 2013. A space arcade-game called "StarHaste". And i realized how...

  7. "The Forbidden Gameplay" (working title), an old-school 2D Horror game is in the mid-stage of development and will be released on YoYo Games for free full download. If you are reading this, anyone, please have in mind that this is an extremely important moment of my life and i encourage you to send me a private message to tell me that you accept to play the game when its out, IF you want to play it. Please dont ignore this. Working with games, havent been easy to achieve with Asperger...

  8. Currently PosthasteGames are working on its videogame debut wich will be a 2D platformer wich introduces the new genre "P&CC (Point & Click Combat)"

  9. Managed to write 2 full new pages in my Epic Sci-fi story after having about 3-4 months of writers block

  10. The Walking Dead fra Telltale games blir herved personlig belønnet av meg for "Best Atmosphere (episode 1)" "Best Downloadable Game" "Best Character: Clementine"

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