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Scientists say: «Global Warming is a Hoax»

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En interessant liten artikkel jeg kom over.


Scientists say: «Global Warming is a Hoax»


«Forget about the so called global warming», says Viggo Anderson from the Pennsylvania Institute of Climate Research, «we have traced the beginning of the globe's heating back to December 21, 1989. The globe has been heating up rapidly ever since.»


«This sounds like a fascinating discovery» I add, before I ask what could be a possible reason for this. -«We've gone through the birth records for this particular day, and only one person seems to fit the bill - a young man called Kalinken.»


«But how can one man possibly emit that much CO2?», I ask, as a smile begins to spread over Anderson's face. -«Well, it turns out CO2 wasn't the big, bad wolf after all. The real reason behind the sudden heating of the globe is because of the hotness that Kalinken exudes, and the reason why the planet is getting hotter and hotter is because Kalinken is too.»


Roger Plato reporting for Kalinken-news© 2008.

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