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Laptop Logic test: Turion 64 vs. Pentium M

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Laptop Logic har nå foretatt en svært grundig test av Turion 64 opp mot Pentium M her:


Clash of the Titans: Dothan vs Turion

In terms of features, Turion offers x86-64 (64 bit) support, which will increase both performance and offer "future-proofing" when Microsoft Vista is released in 2006. In terms of price, a Turion-based laptop can be hundreds of dollars cheaper compared to a similar Dothan-based laptop. In terms of performance, Turion wins a majority of the non-synthetic benchmarks in all categories, although the Pentium M is no pushover. In the third category, battery life, Dothan wins when both processors are performing CPU-intensive tasks. However, when doing light tasks such as word processing and internet browsing, Turion is yet again the victor. The area where the Pentium M really shines is during heavy load while running from the battery. In most categories, the Turion meets or exceeds Pentium M’s performance at a lower price point.

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Det er verdt å merke seg at de har benyttet Turion ML-37 (35W TDP) og ikke f.eks en MT-37 (25W), som vil gi enda bedre batterilevetid (og høyere pris).

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