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Det eneste Skandinaviske Foxhole regimentet søker soldater

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Game: Foxhole

Hva: Ett 3rd person mmo krigsspill

Hvem: 97th Scandinavian regiment

Faction: Colonial
Primary Region: EU
Language: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Contacts: Tristan#9660
Hello or Hei! We are the 97th Scandinavian Regiment or The Scandinavian Wolves.
We are a completely new Scandinavian based regiment on the Colonial side, which focuses on having a great time doing whatever our members prefer. Be it logistics, scrappers or for the more battle oriented-people, going together to lay out strategies and perform operations.
Due to a lack of Scandinavian regiments in Foxhole, we decided to create our own, where we can work together to defeat the Warden menace.

We are a Scandinavian based regiment, but we welcome everyone from any nationality as long as they speak English!
Players of all skill levels are welcome and if you are new to the game we'd love to teach you and help out getting started.
No matter what you enjoy doing in foxhole, our regiment will always try to mix things up so we never end up doing the same things overs and over again and you're always free to do any task you fancy.

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/k2rtykHXJE


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