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Battery voltage in Gas/diesel powered cars

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What is the battery voltage in a none hybrd/electric car? is it 12 volt like the United States? I am concerned about rechargeable tools, I know Germany has a different herts (rating and I assume Norway will be the same), so american clocks and other items won't work properly, Figure I can take a couple inverters to recharge my cordless tools as long as the batteries are still 12 volt. Anyone use Milwaukee tools there?

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The Norwegian grid voltage (in houses) is ~230 Volt / 50 Hz, so for any battery chargers brought over from the US, make sure they support both 230 Volt and 115 Volt.

Some chargers are multi-volt, but you want to make sure they specify "100 - 240 Volt / 50-60 Hz input", or you'll blow some fuses and possibly damage your equipment if the charger only supports 115 Volt.

I checked my own power tool chargers just now (Bosch, Makita and DeWalt) and they all only supported 240 Volt.

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Just buy a Milwaukee charger in Norway.
The batteries should be the same.

I can check what it says on our charger tomorrow, but you can probably check yours too. 
We have mainly Milwaukee tools, from drills to trimmers. 

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