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ANMELDELSE: Xenoblade Chronicles. Definitive Edition

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Fin anmeldelse, selv spilte jeg det for første gang for et par år siden og jeg ble sjarmert i senk - spilte det på Wii U og det fungerte helt greit grafikkmessig på en 65" fra 3m avstand - hvis man senker kravene en del.

Mulig jeg plukker det opp etterhvert, la 170 timer i det og føler ikke at det enda er tid for en andre gjennomspilling.

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With all due respect, I have to say that I disagree with several points in this review and there is some incorrect information here that Mr. FUREVIK should consider revising. Let me go through this.

Addressing the quests, they were designed with the same philosophy of the Moons in Mario Odyssey and the Korok seeds in Zelda BOTW. In no way is the player expected to do all of them, they exist so that the player do the amount they want to do, when they feel like it, when it seems suitable to do so, when they are on the path or related to the activities the player was going to go/do anyway. In fact, it is handle better than the Korok seeds in Zelda BOTW, since while the player is not supposed to get all the seeds (hence why the “prize” for getting them all is a meta joke), the game still requires them to make the 100% of the map, which is contradictory to their purpose. Meanwhile Xenoblade does not count those quests on a % of completition tracker, leaving it very clear you are not expected to do them at all. And no, you don´t ever need to do them or grind to have enough level to progress the game, if you know how the battle system properly works and uses good strategies, in fact, given the just from exploring the world you get exp (getting in new areas yield exp and more) You should also have acknowledged that there are actually two types of quests in Xenoblade, the ones given by unnamed NPCs and the ones given by actual named NPCs. The later is the ones the players who want to enriches the word with lore should go to.

Your review has incorrect information regarding the art for the characters in the original game. The original concept art for Shulk and Fiora was done by Kunihiko Tanaka, artist who already worked for Xenogears and Xenosaga.


As you can see, much like all xeno games, it always was intended to have a Japanese inspired artstyle. The original in game models were ended up the way they did because they could not afford to make models that would translate the intended look, something that Definitive edition rectified, and now looks the way it ways was supposed to be. And there was nothing unique about the way the characters in the original looked, the models were very similar in style to the models of the characters in Final Fantasy XII, but with less poligons. Furthermore, your description of the models for Definitive edition as “generic anime” is a very superficial statement that, with all due respects, shows you are not very familiar with anime. Characters in xenoblade definitive edition still have different facial bone structure, good example being characters like Reyn and Dickson with their squary face, or Dunban, with his oval elongated face, as oppose to rounded faces like Shulk and Melia. Meanwhile modern anime characters tends to simplify it and have the same face bone structure to all characters. So no, Xenoblade definitive edition very clearly does not look like modern anime of every season, and it is very easy to spot the difference between it and let’s say, Masatsugo Saito art used for Xenoblade 2 characters. A review should go through proper research of the subjects in it, before it is published, so please have this checked.

As for the battle, the review really lacked more depth, as it did not talks much about the visions system, chain attacks and positional arts, nor does the review details the additions of the definitive edition with the implemented system of signalling when arts with secondary effects can be triggered, which is a huge improvement over the original game.

The review also did a very superficial job talking about future connected. You tried to talk about the story but ignores the relevance of the content with the quite moments, a new feature that works as a upgrade from the heart-to-hearts of the original game, and expand the lore and the characters. Even more, the story in future connected implies connections with the other xenoblade games in very clever ways that should have been addressed when you were talking about it story.

In relation to your final statements, the is the point where you could not be more mistaken, the game did not aged badly, far from it, modern JRPGs should stop being hallway simulators, hack´n´slash, with tons of cutscenes and go back to the more world exploration and strategic battle systems of Xenoblade .


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