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Fotokonkurranse: "Give Grant Collier Your Photo" contest.

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I'm holding an exciting new photo contest! It's called "Give Grant Collier Your Photo" Contest. Please share this, as I really need to get the word out.


The rules are simple:

Send me your very best photos, along with your $15 entry fee, and give me an exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, unrestricted, worldwide license to the photographs.


The winner will be determined by whoever can beg enough people on their Facebook / Twitter pages to vote for their photos. This is the only fair way to select a winner, as it will ensure that even the worst photos have a chance of winning. More importantly, it will give lots of extra publicity to the contest and to my companies (http://www.gcollier.com and http://www.coloradophotographyfestival.com), and it will convince more sucke...I mean photographers...to give me their photos in the future.


The photos must be "real" and completely unaltered. No "tricks" like adjusting the contrast or brightness of the image. The camera software must make all the creative decisions, not the photographer. Black and white photos are okay, though. They're "real" because people have been shooting them for a very long time.


I'll give away some token prize to the winner if I can get a sponsor to give me one. If not, I'll post the winning photo here, where it will be seen by tens, maybe even hundreds of people, and you will gain instant fame and celebrity. Then I'll use your photos wherever and however I want for as long as I want, all without paying you a dime.


Sound shady? Don't worry, it's not. Many reputable organizations, including National Geographic, the New York Times, Disney, the United Nations, the Smithsonian, Time Warner, Adobe, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic, Samsung, Microsoft, Shutterstock, Audobon, The Nature Conservancy, and the Sierra Club, have done the same thing. Like me, their only goal is to celebrate and promote the art of photography


Definitivt en konkurranse alle fotointeresserte burde vite om :whistle:

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