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  1. Received my Digital Edition order from CDON on 6/7 today. Holy crap that went fast. First, two weeks AHEAD of week 32, then also a day earlier than Bring indicated they would deliver it. Anyway, here's a recap, maybe useful for anyone who is just starting to look. I started using Distill bots on the 1st of June, but I used his forum to map out previous drops in May and April, just to get an idea of what my chances were going to be. saw drop almost every day, but they were always Standard Edition. Used these 'fake' positives to refine the Distill bot scripts. missed two very small Digital drops near the end of the month. finally caught one on the 6th of July. Had a chat with CDON about week 32 possibly not lining up with me, received good customer service. and then it somehow got delivered two weeks earlier. That's about it. I'm sure that if I had opted to get the disc version, I would have had one in the first week or so. I would go as far as saying getting one is easy, but you need to be around a computer and have some personal info in a text file opened ready to copy paste. If that sounds like a lot of work, just watch Netflix for a few days while the bots run in the backgrounds. Be quick to react when the alerts go off and you can get there in time easily. Oh, one tip helped me a lot. Some stores like CDON don't actually keep product pages online for products that are out of stock. You CAN however use Distill to do continuous (within reason) searches in their store. Maybe you get 50 search results for "Playstation 5" or something. The second the text string changes from 50 to something else, you know something was added or removed. In CDON's case, I could see that they added something before they updated the product page itself. After a few 'false positives' with Standard Edition I knew that this approach would get me first in line for Digital Edition and I was right. I got in right as the page became available. Anyway, thanks for all the help. I learned tons by reading the older posts here. I appreciate the collective work that has been put into this topic. Massive respect. o7
  2. I ordered Digital Edition on the 6th of July from CDON and I now got a message from Bring that it is slated to arrive on Friday the 21st, almost two weeks before the week 32 CDON indicated previously. It's nice that it's coming early, but I imagine other people might have just left for their hytte or something. If you want to avoid having to pick it up at the grocers days after the fact, now is probably the time to ask a friend to be available for it or to make some other kind of arrangement.
  3. That's not entirely true, Maxgaming sold Digital on the 1st of July and Kjell sold some on the 2nd. They were very small quantities though. Easy to miss.
  4. https://cdon.no/spill/playstation-5-digital-edition-53815423 Digital Edition this time. Good luck everyone. Count on the availability for this being much, much smaller.
  5. You tell me, I've only been tracking it for a short time. Multiple drops happen every week, although that may change with the vacation period. Then again, noises in the ear tell me Sony is ramping up production so... I guess we'll see?
  6. I just wanted to verify this because it seemed odd that they wouldn't do a raffle. Turns out... no. All fiction, no fact.
  7. https://www.maxgaming.no/no/playstation-5/playstation-5-digital-edition Sadly out of order already. Hasn't been online 4 minutes yet. Digital too, haven't seen stock of that in two months.
  8. I'm curious to learn if anyone received Digital from the Power raffle. It's the first indication we've had of Digital Edition stock being a available in Norway in a month.
  9. Everyone who ordered that should probably check they got what they really wanted Edit: wow MVA is a bit... high?
  10. Power is promising both models in their raffle. If other stores also start having Digital in stock over the next week or so, maybe it indicates that there is new Digital stock available in Norway and maybe that is what CDON was waiting for.
  11. So this was weird. I entered my phone number to join, followed the instructions and I got a Velkommen til Mypower email. But I already have a Mypower?? Did I actually register for the drawing? Confusing.
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