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  1. Another update for our gist: https://gist.github.com/birukoff/713bd74c5db3e857ee16360a316dffb6 * Improved monitors for Power. * Fixed monitors for Kjell. * Changed CDON monitor from listing to search again due to lazy loading of listing page. * Improved tags. I am going to maintain this gist less and less often now, so if you find out that something is broken, let me know.
  2. Gist updated: https://gist.github.com/birukoff/713bd74c5db3e857ee16360a316dffb6 Fixed error in NetOnNet's PS5 Digital monitor.
  3. Gist updated: https://gist.github.com/birukoff/713bd74c5db3e857ee16360a316dffb6 CDON continues to add and remove product pages, so, I turned them off. The old monitor for Playstation 5 listing is removed. Instead, I added monitor for CDON's Playstation listing.
  4. Monitors update when there something on the page. No changes - no updates. @JackShjt Judging by the red color, your monitors are broken. Most likely, you run them in cloud. @Myst Settings (icon in the bottom left) -> Actions -> Error Actions. Turn off error notifications.
  5. I run them all in Chrome: No errors, no problems. Interval is usually 30-60 seconds. Power requires extra delay (if you use my gist, the delay should already be set).
  6. Gist updated: https://gist.github.com/birukoff/713bd74c5db3e857ee16360a316dffb6 * Fixed "empty selection" for Kjell.com
  7. Look at the right. You're running them in cloud! It will not work. You must run them from your local browser.
  8. Well, does it continue to throw these errors? It is was throwing them a while back and now it is fine, it could be some maintenance in the site. Also, check delay parameter in config. Open config: Then check here: PS: Personally, I disabled error notifications in settings.
  9. Distill is a browser plugin. Your browser must stay open (or in the background) for you to receive notifications.
  10. Check delay value in config. In my setup I use 5 second delay to let the page load its dynamic content. Did you import my monitors fully or just copied selector? Because full config matters. Also, do you run the monitors locally in the browser or remotely? Remote checks won't do, you must run them from your browser.
  11. Updated gist: https://gist.github.com/birukoff/713bd74c5db3e857ee16360a316dffb6 * Added 2 sec delay for Kjell monitors to prevent them from throwing too many errors.
  12. Changes to gist: https://gist.github.com/birukoff/713bd74c5db3e857ee16360a316dffb6 * Added MaxGaming.
  13. I have updated the gist: https://gist.github.com/birukoff/713bd74c5db3e857ee16360a316dffb6 * changed CDON listing monitor. Previously it tracked search results for "Playstation 5", now it is tracking catalogue listing: https://cdon.no/spill/playstation/playstation-5-konsoll/ * added monitor for CDON's product page for Playstation 5 digital. CDON added it this morning. And, surprisingly, they have removed it again. Anyway, they monitor is there, you can disable it, if its errors are too annoying. * monitors are run more frequently now.
  14. I use a different browser to run distill. Not much of a trick but I do not have to look at the tabs hele tiden.
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